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The good thing about Minecraft as a game is that it has a simple goal. Players have to collect different material blocks by navigating an ever expanding maze of cubes. This then allows them to build whatever they can imagine suing the same material blocks. These can be as simple as huts or as complex as switch systems or logic gates for powering cities. Simply put, in Minecraft everything is possible.


The game begins by allowing the player to harvest a variety of components such as dirt, stones and wood to help craft simple necessities. These will range from shovels to pickaxes, glass to bricks, and bows to swords. Aligning various components in order on a 3-by-3 grid builds items and defend them if need be as their fortresses and houses grow. For example, placing two wood pieces on the bottom grid and a stone on the upper grid will create a stone pickaxe. Depending on the item that is to be crafted, the player will have to source the constituent materials by exploring and mining.


The player would thus be able to conduct mineral harvesting at a faster pace compared to having to only rely on their hands. As in normal cases, the tools begin to experience wear and tear which affects their durability as the game goes on before eventually breaking. Stocking up on some of these tools is important in readiness for such eventualities.


The level of progress opens up better mineral options such as diamond and iron which will form more durable tools usable in both defense and construction. An elaborate switch and transport setup can be made to protect locations and ensure simplicity in navigation. More recent Minecraft releases allow for multiple game play systems that help a player fit particular styles.


Classic mode for instance is available for those players who wish to construct without worrying about gathering items as well as attacks from monsters. This option is available on many Best Minecraft Servers online as well. Single player mode on the other hand allows for exploration and harvest without the online aspect.


Multiplayer mode is the most common where several players play over a Minecraft server which can be hosted online. If you wish to enjoy the Minecraft multiplayer mode, simply search online for the best skyblock server list servers and you will find what please you from the vast Minecraft server list.